Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tania Hoffman Story-Tampa's lies, corruption, and false charges

*June 2006*
-Ahanotu breaks off 1 year engagement with Tania Hoffman of Tampa due to strain of 2 year custody battle for his 3 sons and gets ring back but allows Tania Hoffman to continue living in his house till she is able to move.
*August 2006*
-Ahanotu Marries the mother of his 3 sons Joann Boksa in Niagara Falls Canada
* August/September 2006*
-Ahanotu goes to his house where Tania Hoffman is living still to move his belongings out and is attacked and battered by Tania Hoffman. But Tania Hoffman calls Pasco County Sheriff Dept with false claim of being victim of a battery by Chidi Ahanotu
-Chidi Ahanotu calls Pasco County Sheriff Dept with claim of being victim of a battery by Tania Hoffman
-Pasco County Sheriff Deputies refuse to investigate Chidi Ahanotu’s complaint.
-Pasco County Sheriff Deputies choose only to investigate Tania Hoffman’s complaint.
-Pasco County Deputies leave the scene of alleged crime and arrest neither Chidi Ahanotu or Tania Hoffman and dismiss the report due to Tania Hoffman's lie and false report.
-Pasco County Sheriff file no charges and close the case
-Tania Hoffman files a false domestic violence injunction against Ahanotu
-Tania Hoffman false domestic violence injunction denied
*October 2006*
-Ahanotu breaks off marriage to Joann Boksa and legally separates then divorce
*November 2006*
-Ahanotu dating Tania Hoffman again
*January 2007*
-Ahanotu engaged again to Tania Hoffman
*March 2007*
-Ahanotu breaks up with Tania Hoffman and serves demand letter on Hoffman from his attorney Joe Varner for return of engagement ring & $15,000 he loaned her so she could pay her bills.
-Tania Hoffman retaliates by filing yet another false domestic violence injunction against Ahanotu
- Judge Cheryl Thomas denies Tania Hoffman’s false domestic violence injunction
*March 2007-Sept 2007*
-Ahanotu back engaged with Tania Hoffman April 2007 to Sept 2007
-Entire time Ahanotu and Tania Hoffman re-engaged from April 2007 to Sept 2007 Tania Hoffman secretly maliciously files false charges against Ahanotu. During this 6 month period of collecting police reports against Ahanotu, Hillsborough Sheriff Dept never call Ahanotu to question him about police report, charges and accusations Tania Hoffman makes against him
-Tania Hoffman files 3 separate occasions of false charges of burglary against Ahanotu
-Tania Hoffman files 3 separate occasions of false charges of grand theft against Ahanotu.
-Tania Hoffman alleges Ahanotu broke into her home and stole doggie bowls on 2 separate occasions
-Tania Hoffman alleges Ahanotu broke into her home and stole doggie stroller
-Tania Hoffman alleges Ahanotu broke into her home and stole laptop and costume jewelry
*Sept 2007*
-Ahanotu breaks off engagement to Tania Hoffman and files $60,000 lawsuit against Tania Hoffman Sept 7th 2007 for return of his engagement ring & money owed
-Tania Hoffman Retaliates Sept 13th files false charge of criminal mischief against Ahanotu
-Tania Hoffman alleges Ahanotu “keyed” her business vehicle
-Tania Hoffman Retaliates Sept 13th and files false stalking charge against Ahanotu
-Tania Hoffman Retaliates Sept 13th and complains to Hillsborough Sheriff false report that she’s afraid for her life & doesn’t want to end up like Nicole Simpson-OJ Simpsons slain ex wife
-Hillsborough County Sheriff Dept(HCSO) charges Ahanotu with aggravated stalking.
-Hillsborough County Sheriff Dept (HCSO)file warrant for arrest of Ahanotu
-State Attorney Karen Stanley and HCSO contacted by Ahanotu attorney Rob Samartin & David Stamps & made aware that Ahanotu is vacationing in Boston & is willing to comply with warrant
-State Attorney Karen Stanley and HCSO in talks with Ahanotu attorneys dealing with warrant
-Hillsborough Sheriff Dept and Deputy Scott Hamilton file false fugitive of justice charge against Ahanotu in order to maliciously ruin his name.
-Hillsborough Sheriff Dept file false report of Ahanotu attempting to purchase a firearm as their reason for calling US Federal Marshalls to conduct man hunt and arrest of Ahanotu
-12 US Federal Marshalls arrest Ahanotu in Boston diner. Transport by paddy wagon to Dorchester, MA jail
-HCSO files malicious false press release that Ahanotu captured & soon to be extradited back to Tampa
-Ahanotu bonds out for $1000 after 24 hours in Dorchester, MA jail and is not extradited back to Tampa
-False fugitive of justice charge dropped
*Oct 2007*
-Tania Hoffman files another false domestic violence injunction against Ahanotu
-Judge Cheryl Thomas again presides over the case. Finds numerous conflicting testimony from Tania Hoffman. Finds no incidence of violent act committed by Ahanotu. Grants a one year domestic violence injunction due to the 11 criminal charges filed against Ahanotu & orders domestic violence program for Ahanotu.
*March 2008*
-State Attorney Linda Shifflet agrees to drop all 11 charges if Ahanotu agrees to go to Domestic Violence Evaluation. Ahanotu agrees.
-Ahanotu attends domestic violence evaluation with Dr. Hersey
-Dr.Hersey finds Ahanotu in no need of domestic violence program
-Dr. Hersey call State Attorney Linda Shifflet who breaks HIPPA laws by instructing Dr. Hersey to alter his evaluation to a recommendation of domestic violence program from Ahanotu
-Dr. Hersey lies and writes an evaluation stating Ahanotu has a “problem” but fails to outline what that problem is.
-Dr. Hersey writes in his evaluation he did not have the proper documents to make a proper evaluation and recommends Ahanotu evaluated with another agency
-Ahanotu gets evaluated again by Robby Brown
-Robby Brown finds Ahanotu in no need of domestic violence program
-Robby Brown call State attorney Linda Shifflet who again violates HIPPA laws by instructing Robby Brown to alter his evaluation to a recommendation of domestic violence program for Ahanotu
-Robby Brown lies on his report the he alone concluded this recommendation and that State Attorney Linda Shifflet did not direct him to write his report.
-Ahanotu writes letter of complaint and objects to attending domestic violence program and threatens to sue Robbby Brown and use emails from Robby Brown as proof of his lies that show all that he was only writing that Ahanotu need to go to classes because State Attorney Linda Shifflet was forcing him to.
-State Attorney Linda Shifflet retaliates by fling the 11 criminal charges against Ahanotu
*July 2008*
-A year after Tania Hoffman filed false accusations against Chidi Ahanotu, Tania Hoffman files false violation of domestic violence charge with State Attorney against Ahanotu for allegedly calling her twice
*Sept 2008*
-Ahanotu appears in court for disposition hearing regarding 11 criminal charges against him
-Ahanotu represented by attorney Ralph Fernandez
-Tania Hoffman appears as well & testifies that Ahanotu called her twice
-Judge Gregory Holder revokes Ahanotu’s Bond & incarcerates Ahanotu with no bond due solely to Tania Hoffman’s verbal testimony & having absolutely no physical evidence or phone records.
-Judge Holder rules “probable cause” & incarcerates Ahanotu
-Ahanotu jailed for 6 days in Orient Road Hillsborough County Jail
-Ahanotu appears in front of Judge Gregory Holder again after 6 days in jail.
-State Attorney drops all 11 criminal charges against Ahanotu
-Ahanotu released from jail
-To put an end to all litigation Ahanotu agrees to plea no contest to misdemeanor violation of domestic violence injunction for one phone call to Tania Hoffman & gets 12 month probation with no standard probation requirements. Only no contact with Tania Hoffman for 12 months.
*Jan 2009*
-Tania Hoffman maliciously gets hired at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Raymond James Stadium for a side job so that Ahanotu is prevented to come to his own stadium due to Domestic Violence injunction.
-Ahanotu files Emergency Motion with Judge Jeske to dissolve the Domestic Violence injunction and allow him to attend the Super Bowl events, media day and game at the Tampa stadium.
-Judge Jeske grants the Motion and Ahanotu is allowed to go to his stadium
*July 2009*
-Tania Hoffman files for false domestic violence extension
-Chidi Ahanotu files for domestic violence injunction so Tania Hoffman will stay away from him and stop trying to ruin his life
-Judge Jeske asks Tania Hoffman when did her relationship end with Ahanotu. Tania Hoffman replies "I don't know".
-Judge Jeske asks Tania Hoffman does she know what year her relationship ended with Ahanotu. Tania Hoffman replies again "I don't know"
-Judge Jeske states "Miss Hoffman if you do not even know what year your relationship ended with Mr. Ahanotu then you can't know much of anything else" and denies Tania Hoffman's permanent domestic violence injunction petition
-Judge Jeske warns Tania Hoffman that this is the last time and that she better not file any more false charges and false police reports.
-Ahanotu is a free man

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Women Rule America

Women are King! Forget about queens because that would somehow summon thoughts of a lady ruler who was under and below the king. No. Women are King and rule America. Could somebody please tell me what the heck we all have been watching go down in the Judge Sotomayor confirmation hearings??? Are you kidding me? The woman says that a Latino woman on the bench would make better decisions and rulings than a White man on the bench but she is still going to become the 1st woman Latino Supreme Court Justice! Come on man! If a Black man or White man was to say that they would make better decisions and rulings than a White Woman on the bench then all hell would break loose and there'd be absolutely NO WAY that man would be confirmed into the Supreme Court let alone nominated to be on the Supreme Court in the 1st place.....Women truly rule America.

I am all for diversity. I am all for diversity on the Supreme Court. I am all for women holding high positions and it is far time that a woman be named Supreme Court Justice. But this woman??!! Look I am sure Judge Sotomayor is a fine person and a fine Judge. But after watching these confirmation hearings for the past few days I saw enough ducking and dodging and hemming and hawing and side stepping and in other words bull come out of Judge Sotomayor in response to questions confronting her on her comment about bias and racial preference in her rulings as a Latino female Judge compared to a White male Judge. I mean come on! Frankly I have to side with the Republicans on this one. But the Republicans all too often kept letting Judge Sotomayor off the hook with her lengthy, non responsive, abstract answers. Women are King and rule America. And now this woman truly dose rule America from her perch on the Supreme Court....God Bless America.


I Am Back!....The Power of Zero

Hello all, I am back. Its been a year and a half since my last posting in my blog. I took some time away to simply zone out and stare off into space and think of nothing. Some call it zeroing out. The power of zero is amazing. When you relase yourself and think of absolutely nothing it opens you up to receive so much and so many blessings. Include it in your life. Make it a daily practice. Try it! I am a firm believer that we should work hard BUT we should more importantly work hard on relaxing. Zero out! Zero out with a cigar, or some nice cocktails, a little ganja perhaps (go to parts of the world where it is legal)...hey its natural! God made it so it is good. Meditation is always good too.

Love is the Answer. Forgive others....We are all only human. Including you.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama is a cool black cat

So Hillary calls Barack Obama an elitist and Obama came out swinging. Obama started ragging on Hillary. Barack showed his African American cultural roots when he laid into Hillary about her critcism and defense of rural Pennsylvnia residents clinging to guns and bible out of fustration of the economic struggles and their bitterness about the economy. Barack reminded me of my African American homeboys back in California that "bagged" on each other on a daily basis. "Bagging" is a word game that is part jokes and part serious verbal onslaught all to demean, belittle and to make your point in what you are saying about your adversary. In the olden days they used to call it "the dozens" then when I was a kid we call it "cappin'" then when I was in college I knew it as "baggin'".

Obama said "Hillary runnin round as if she Annie Oakley." "As if she saddlin' up and going duck huntin every summer." Hillary actin' like she packin' a six shooter on her side every day" I see you Barack! Okay! I didn't know you had it in you. Obama started "baggin'" on Hillary and when he started getting warmed up you really started to see the real cool black cat come out that is inside of Obama. He started struttin' round the stage...flexing his arm and hand movements...he was right on point in his delivery and timing. Obama made me feel like I was hangin' with my homeboys from California instead of watching a Presidential campaign speech. See that's the kind Prez I want. I loved it. I think He should let this side out more when he is under attack from the "MAN"...or "wo-MAN". Obama certainly showed he aint no elitist like Hillary charged him with. Let me see you get loose like Obama did Hillary. Bet you can't.

"Beware when you push a cat into a corner... you might get scratched"


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hillary Clinton shame on you! Remember when Hillary was on TV chastising Senator Obama challenging him to a debate due to him calling her out on her NAFTA advocacy and voting for NAFTA? Hillary shouted at Barack saying "Shame on you Mr. Obama!" Senator Obama called out Hillary questioning why she was so enraged about him calling her out on her NAFTA position. Plain as day, the truth is Hillary voted YES for NAFTA. It is on the record and documented by video. But for some odd reason Hillary was enraged that the truth was told about that issue. Seems Hillary gets enraged when the truth about her is told. NO WONDER HILLARY FLAT OUT LIED ABOUT COMING UNDER SNIPER FIRE IN BOSNIA IN 1996. Oh but now Hillary says she misspoke about her Bosnia experience. misspoke??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? "No, Shame on you Mrs. Clinton!!!"I don't know about ya'll but if I was under sniper fire and dodging sniper fire once in my life I would for sure remember it correctly!!! There is no other episode that happened in her life, while serving as first lady, that Hillary is offering the public as the sniper fire incidence that she is confusing with this incidence in Bosnia. So HILLARY you are LYING. And this is who we want sitting in the oval office at 3am to answer the call of a national crisis??? For God's sake with this type of misspeaking, Hillary may accidentally press the red button and afterwards say she "mis-pressed"! Obama for President!!! Aren't we all tired of these same ol' politicians with all their lies and hypocrisies running our country???

"God save America...God save us all"


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter in a Box

Ah Easter! A time to dress up in our Sunday bests, gather the family together to attend Easter service at church, have family get togethers, Easter brunch, Easter dinner. Its Easter a chance to celebrate and party it up. Easter baskets and Easter decorations. We sure know how to do it up and put on a good show. As I sat in church today and looked at the packed house I couldn't help wondering where are all these people every other Sunday in the year??? I almost reluctantly go to church on holidays now because it is filled with people who are using church as a time to play dress up as a sort of festive gathering rather than true sincere interest in partaking in the scripture and worship. I don't know it just leaves a distaste in my mouth now. I mean I used to be those people myself. I was just like them. Oh I went to church usually only on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now as I am deep in my walk with the Lord Jesus I usually go to church two times a week sometimes three times. I study the word most everyday and deep in prayer every day. I am not condemning these party goers and festive seekers who come to church on holidays. I do wish that these people would be in the word sincerely and intensely instead of as a way to partake in a festive holiday and truly go because of their salvation. Anything less than that is not genuine.

Easter is here. Get on your knees and thank God for delivering His only Son for your salvation. Glory.

Happy Easter to all you Believers out there.

"He is Risen!"


Saturday, March 22, 2008

America the Beautiful, America the Backwards

The founding father's of this nation were on to something great and something beautiful. The birth place of democracy and freedom made America a beacon of light and hope. But America the beautiful too often reveals itself to be America the backwards.
We are now living in a time here in America where 1 out every 100 adults are in prison. Statistic show that the crime rates HAVE NOT increased dramatically so why the rise in incarceration rates??? See, I was watching HBO's television series "The Wire". In this year's season the cops on the show are seen tampering with crime scenes where homeless people are found dead in an attempt to make it look like a serial killer is running rampant on the loose killing homeless. These cops tamper with the crime scenes in order to con the Government into funding their police department with lots more money to pay the cops more money and pay for overtime for this rise in crime. Here in real life the increase of incarceration rates can be traced to a similar type of con here in America. See the law enforcement who are hired to serve and protect, and the members of the Justice department who are serving the people to uphold justice have figured out that the more criminals they can create the more money is funded by our Government to pay the salaries, raises, overtime etc of these members of the Justice Department and the law enforcement. How else do they account for such a drastic rise in incarceration rates but no correlating drastic rise in crime rates??? America now leads the WORLD in the number of prisoners and in the incarceration rate. LEADS THE ENTIRE WORLD! 1 out of every 100 adults are in prison!!! Are u kidding me???? With so many of our hired and elected members of the Justice Department and law enforcement corrupt its no wonder this country leads the entire world in incarceration rates. It is so amazing that the ones who are supposed to being serving and protecting and upholding justice are the ones who are lying, tampering, cheating, practicing corruption and breaking their own laws. How are you as a person gonna be yelling and screaming accusing people of committing crimes and make it your mission to aggressively fight for justice when you yourself are committing corrupt acts and breaking the law in order to convict people??? You hypocrites. How many times do we turn on the news and hear about a prisoner being freed after serving 20 years or so in prison wrongly convicted for crime they did not commit??? That has to tell you that our legal system is broken. And to be leading the entire world in incarceration rates we should all be ashamed....America the backwards.
America the backwards... so what is our solution to crime? Our country's solution is to throw more people in jail. What is our solution to guns killing and gunmen killing massacres on our Universities? Our solution is to add more guns by allowing more people to bear arms and let the college students walk around with concealed guns. Are you kidding me??? Hey here's a thought...How about banning the sale of guns so that it is illegal for anyone to own guns! The answer to stop increase in gun killings is not to add more guns. The only ones who should have guns are the law and military. But no, our country adds more laws to let more people carry guns! Unbelievable! America the backwards.
In the meantime we spend so much of our resources and pour so much money into the criminal system to deal with the rise in incarceration rates. Hey here is another novel idea... How about pouring that money into the educational system so that we can teach the people not to do crimes and to educate the people so that they can get jobs. Bu no, our country focuses our funds into criminal systems instead of educational systems. How about using those same funds to teach the people criminal justice courses in our educational system so that people will know the law and know what the consequences of committing crimes are. We say we want less crimes but we don't teach the people in our schools about crimes. We teach history, math and English but we don't teach any criminal justice courses! Instead we don't teach the people anything about crimes or the law and wait till they are in front of a judge charged with a crime to teach them about crimes. I see why our corrupt system wouldn't want to teach people criminal justice because then there would be less crimes committed thus less criminal thus less funding to line the pockets of the one who work In law enforcement and the Justice Department. It's a dirty game...America the backwards
Take a look at our war efforts in Iraq. We have spent 120 billion a year fighting this war meantime our economy, infrastructure, health care, education systems and employment is suffering a mighty blow. How much sense does it make to spend this type of money to fix someone else's country when it causes our own country to fall apart??? Are you kidding me??? America the backwards. We went into Iraq to make America a safer place to live. Does our country truly think that once we pull out of Iraq that the Muslim world is going to treat us better than it did before the war? Are you kidding me??? America has stuck its hand into the hornets nest and Muslims around the world are even more angry at America now. I was in tears when 911 happened. I lost some dear friends and old teammates when the twin towers were attacked and destroyed. But the Bible says do not answer evil with evil. But America we answered evil with evil and to expect America to be safer now that we are at war with the Muslim world is not reasonable. America the backwards.
We say that we want our citizens to have jobs but meanwhile we ship a majority of our jobs overseas. NAFTA created a floodgate for our American jobs to vanish. When people can't find work guess what happens? Answer is..CRIMES are committed. And when crimes are committed guess what happens? Answer is... the judicial system gets the opportunity to incarcerate. And when incarceration rates go up guess what happens? Answer is... FUNDING GOES UP to address the incarcerated. And who gets that funding? Answer is...the people who work in law enforcement and the Justice department salaries get that funding. Do you now see the picture folks??? The whole system of shipping jobs overseas, and not pouring money into our education system and not teaching criminal justice courses in our schools, and adding more laws to allow more people to carry and own guns which cause more crimes like murder and assault, is all a corrupt system who's sole purpose is to line pockets with more money for the police officers, the prison officials and workers, the judges, the state attorneys, and the lawyers, and the politicians. If we weren't spending so many billions of dollars for the last 5 years to fight war in Iraq to fix their country, we could instead use that same money to pay our members of law enforcement and Justice departments so that they wouldn't have to participate in this corrupt system to line their pockets with more money. When is someone going to do a study to show the rate of increasing salaries of law enforcement and Justice department personnel to show the amounts of money that is pouring in due to this alarming increase of incarceration rates? I bet it will be alarming when we see the amounts of money. And cops who are found to be charged with crimes and/or convicted of abusing their power and committing crimes get suspended WITH PAY for years. So while the rest of us are being carted off to prison for crimes at an alarming rate of 1 out of every 100 adult, the cops that are found guilty of on the job crimes are getting a paid vacation by being suspended for years with pay....It is a dirty game.
"America the Beautiful", America the backwards

"The Chickens have come home to roost"
-anonymous southern saying