Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama is a cool black cat

So Hillary calls Barack Obama an elitist and Obama came out swinging. Obama started ragging on Hillary. Barack showed his African American cultural roots when he laid into Hillary about her critcism and defense of rural Pennsylvnia residents clinging to guns and bible out of fustration of the economic struggles and their bitterness about the economy. Barack reminded me of my African American homeboys back in California that "bagged" on each other on a daily basis. "Bagging" is a word game that is part jokes and part serious verbal onslaught all to demean, belittle and to make your point in what you are saying about your adversary. In the olden days they used to call it "the dozens" then when I was a kid we call it "cappin'" then when I was in college I knew it as "baggin'".

Obama said "Hillary runnin round as if she Annie Oakley." "As if she saddlin' up and going duck huntin every summer." Hillary actin' like she packin' a six shooter on her side every day" I see you Barack! Okay! I didn't know you had it in you. Obama started "baggin'" on Hillary and when he started getting warmed up you really started to see the real cool black cat come out that is inside of Obama. He started struttin' round the stage...flexing his arm and hand movements...he was right on point in his delivery and timing. Obama made me feel like I was hangin' with my homeboys from California instead of watching a Presidential campaign speech. See that's the kind Prez I want. I loved it. I think He should let this side out more when he is under attack from the "MAN"...or "wo-MAN". Obama certainly showed he aint no elitist like Hillary charged him with. Let me see you get loose like Obama did Hillary. Bet you can't.

"Beware when you push a cat into a corner... you might get scratched"


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hillary Clinton shame on you! Remember when Hillary was on TV chastising Senator Obama challenging him to a debate due to him calling her out on her NAFTA advocacy and voting for NAFTA? Hillary shouted at Barack saying "Shame on you Mr. Obama!" Senator Obama called out Hillary questioning why she was so enraged about him calling her out on her NAFTA position. Plain as day, the truth is Hillary voted YES for NAFTA. It is on the record and documented by video. But for some odd reason Hillary was enraged that the truth was told about that issue. Seems Hillary gets enraged when the truth about her is told. NO WONDER HILLARY FLAT OUT LIED ABOUT COMING UNDER SNIPER FIRE IN BOSNIA IN 1996. Oh but now Hillary says she misspoke about her Bosnia experience. Hillary....you misspoke??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? "No, Shame on you Mrs. Clinton!!!"I don't know about ya'll but if I was under sniper fire and dodging sniper fire once in my life I would for sure remember it correctly!!! There is no other episode that happened in her life, while serving as first lady, that Hillary is offering the public as the sniper fire incidence that she is confusing with this incidence in Bosnia. So HILLARY you are LYING. And this is who we want sitting in the oval office at 3am to answer the call of a national crisis??? For God's sake with this type of misspeaking, Hillary may accidentally press the red button and afterwards say she "mis-pressed"! Obama for President!!! Aren't we all tired of these same ol' politicians with all their lies and hypocrisies running our country???

"God save America...God save us all"


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter in a Box

Ah Easter! A time to dress up in our Sunday bests, gather the family together to attend Easter service at church, have family get togethers, Easter brunch, Easter dinner. Its Easter a chance to celebrate and party it up. Easter baskets and Easter decorations. We sure know how to do it up and put on a good show. As I sat in church today and looked at the packed house I couldn't help wondering where are all these people every other Sunday in the year??? I almost reluctantly go to church on holidays now because it is filled with people who are using church as a time to play dress up as a sort of festive gathering rather than true sincere interest in partaking in the scripture and worship. I don't know it just leaves a distaste in my mouth now. I mean I used to be those people myself. I was just like them. Oh I went to church usually only on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now as I am deep in my walk with the Lord Jesus I usually go to church two times a week sometimes three times. I study the word most everyday and deep in prayer every day. I am not condemning these party goers and festive seekers who come to church on holidays. I do wish that these people would be in the word sincerely and intensely instead of as a way to partake in a festive holiday and truly go because of their salvation. Anything less than that is not genuine.

Easter is here. Get on your knees and thank God for delivering His only Son for your salvation. Glory.

Happy Easter to all you Believers out there.

"He is Risen!"


Saturday, March 22, 2008

America the Beautiful, America the Backwards

The founding father's of this nation were on to something great and something beautiful. The birth place of democracy and freedom made America a beacon of light and hope. But America the beautiful too often reveals itself to be America the backwards.
We are now living in a time here in America where 1 out every 100 adults are in prison. Statistic show that the crime rates HAVE NOT increased dramatically so why the rise in incarceration rates??? See, I was watching HBO's television series "The Wire". In this year's season the cops on the show are seen tampering with crime scenes where homeless people are found dead in an attempt to make it look like a serial killer is running rampant on the loose killing homeless. These cops tamper with the crime scenes in order to con the Government into funding their police department with lots more money to pay the cops more money and pay for overtime for this rise in crime. Here in real life the increase of incarceration rates can be traced to a similar type of con here in America. See the law enforcement who are hired to serve and protect, and the members of the Justice department who are serving the people to uphold justice have figured out that the more criminals they can create the more money is funded by our Government to pay the salaries, raises, overtime etc of these members of the Justice Department and the law enforcement. How else do they account for such a drastic rise in incarceration rates but no correlating drastic rise in crime rates??? America now leads the WORLD in the number of prisoners and in the incarceration rate. LEADS THE ENTIRE WORLD! 1 out of every 100 adults are in prison!!! Are u kidding me???? With so many of our hired and elected members of the Justice Department and law enforcement corrupt its no wonder this country leads the entire world in incarceration rates. It is so amazing that the ones who are supposed to being serving and protecting and upholding justice are the ones who are lying, tampering, cheating, practicing corruption and breaking their own laws. How are you as a person gonna be yelling and screaming accusing people of committing crimes and make it your mission to aggressively fight for justice when you yourself are committing corrupt acts and breaking the law in order to convict people??? You hypocrites. How many times do we turn on the news and hear about a prisoner being freed after serving 20 years or so in prison wrongly convicted for crime they did not commit??? That has to tell you that our legal system is broken. And to be leading the entire world in incarceration rates we should all be ashamed....America the backwards.
America the backwards... so what is our solution to crime? Our country's solution is to throw more people in jail. What is our solution to guns killing and gunmen killing massacres on our Universities? Our solution is to add more guns by allowing more people to bear arms and let the college students walk around with concealed guns. Are you kidding me??? Hey here's a thought...How about banning the sale of guns so that it is illegal for anyone to own guns! The answer to stop increase in gun killings is not to add more guns. The only ones who should have guns are the law and military. But no, our country adds more laws to let more people carry guns! Unbelievable! America the backwards.
In the meantime we spend so much of our resources and pour so much money into the criminal system to deal with the rise in incarceration rates. Hey here is another novel idea... How about pouring that money into the educational system so that we can teach the people not to do crimes and to educate the people so that they can get jobs. Bu no, our country focuses our funds into criminal systems instead of educational systems. How about using those same funds to teach the people criminal justice courses in our educational system so that people will know the law and know what the consequences of committing crimes are. We say we want less crimes but we don't teach the people in our schools about crimes. We teach history, math and English but we don't teach any criminal justice courses! Instead we don't teach the people anything about crimes or the law and wait till they are in front of a judge charged with a crime to teach them about crimes. I see why our corrupt system wouldn't want to teach people criminal justice because then there would be less crimes committed thus less criminal thus less funding to line the pockets of the one who work In law enforcement and the Justice Department. It's a dirty game...America the backwards
Take a look at our war efforts in Iraq. We have spent 120 billion a year fighting this war meantime our economy, infrastructure, health care, education systems and employment is suffering a mighty blow. How much sense does it make to spend this type of money to fix someone else's country when it causes our own country to fall apart??? Are you kidding me??? America the backwards. We went into Iraq to make America a safer place to live. Does our country truly think that once we pull out of Iraq that the Muslim world is going to treat us better than it did before the war? Are you kidding me??? America has stuck its hand into the hornets nest and Muslims around the world are even more angry at America now. I was in tears when 911 happened. I lost some dear friends and old teammates when the twin towers were attacked and destroyed. But the Bible says do not answer evil with evil. But America we answered evil with evil and to expect America to be safer now that we are at war with the Muslim world is not reasonable. America the backwards.
We say that we want our citizens to have jobs but meanwhile we ship a majority of our jobs overseas. NAFTA created a floodgate for our American jobs to vanish. When people can't find work guess what happens? Answer is..CRIMES are committed. And when crimes are committed guess what happens? Answer is... the judicial system gets the opportunity to incarcerate. And when incarceration rates go up guess what happens? Answer is... FUNDING GOES UP to address the incarcerated. And who gets that funding? Answer is...the people who work in law enforcement and the Justice department salaries get that funding. Do you now see the picture folks??? The whole system of shipping jobs overseas, and not pouring money into our education system and not teaching criminal justice courses in our schools, and adding more laws to allow more people to carry and own guns which cause more crimes like murder and assault, is all a corrupt system who's sole purpose is to line pockets with more money for the police officers, the prison officials and workers, the judges, the state attorneys, and the lawyers, and the politicians. If we weren't spending so many billions of dollars for the last 5 years to fight war in Iraq to fix their country, we could instead use that same money to pay our members of law enforcement and Justice departments so that they wouldn't have to participate in this corrupt system to line their pockets with more money. When is someone going to do a study to show the rate of increasing salaries of law enforcement and Justice department personnel to show the amounts of money that is pouring in due to this alarming increase of incarceration rates? I bet it will be alarming when we see the amounts of money. And cops who are found to be charged with crimes and/or convicted of abusing their power and committing crimes get suspended WITH PAY for years. So while the rest of us are being carted off to prison for crimes at an alarming rate of 1 out of every 100 adult, the cops that are found guilty of on the job crimes are getting a paid vacation by being suspended for years with pay....It is a dirty game.
"America the Beautiful", America the backwards

"The Chickens have come home to roost"
-anonymous southern saying

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New York's Governor's Ball

I just had to get this out. This will be short but sweet... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? 1st Gov. Elliot Spitzer's sex scandal force him to step down and now the new acting Governor David Patterson who replaces former Gov Elliot Spitzer ALSO has now admitted to sex scandal in his past! ....All I can do is shake my head. GAWD!

"Truth always comes to light"

Obama's Pastor Problem

As I said in my last blog....Here we go! Gone are the nice rosy feel good aura that surrounded Barack Obama's campaign for President. Sooner or later, as we all feared, the race issue was going to rear its ugly head. Underneath all the layers, that we as the American people have stacked on top of our view of the state of race relations in America, there lays the painful truth of racism and those who have suffered from its oppression. Who do these people think they are!? People like Geraldine Ferraro and Reverend Jeremiah Wright turn the most monumental moment in USA politics into their own self serving platform to vent all the racist frustrations that have boiled up inside of them after all their years. A monumental Presidential campaign where a black man or a woman will be nominated for President of the United States of America has been turned into a channel for older senior citizens like Geraldine Ferraro and Rev. Jeremiah Wright to use this country's proud moment into their own platform to spread hate and racism. Are you kidding me??? The very notion that these elders of our country would believe that their racist rantings would serve their respective candidates in a positive way is horrendous. I mean what were they thinking? The answer is that they weren't thinking. Or better yet they were thinking of only themselves and in fact ended up causing severe damage to each of their respective candidates. Sad to say but this country will be a lot better off when the older generations pass away since the older generations are forever stained from the painful racist history of this country. The new generations are not so embedded, molded, and shaped by this country's racist history because these younger generations were not alive during these times. These are the generations, that regardless of their own skin color, were inspired by Senator Obama's message and desperstely want to be a part of changing our country's racist, biased, sexist history by voting for a black man or woman for President. Hopefully the damage has not suffocated their hope and inspiration.
I'm sorry but if I were Senator Obama I would have vehemently outright DISOWNED Rev. Jeremiah Wright for his hate mongering sermon. People don't go to church to hear such divisive messages of hate from their pastors. On the contrary, people go to church to hear messages that are in line with God's will and God's word. Sadly, Rev. Jeremiah Wright got to full of HIMSELF and failed to get full of the spirit of the LORD as he is supposed to do. Senator Obama's speech today, that calmed the storm of his biggest controversy in his bid for President of America, did not do enough to set him back into society's good graces. Although he strongly criticized and condemned his Rev. Jeremiah Wright he should've flat out disowned his pastors wild rantings and radical ravings that only reflect the Reverend's own painful American experience. "He is like family to me" will be the phrase that may snuff out Senator Obama's Presidential bid. Hello Obama!!! You are running for PRESIDENT! Sometimes you have to cut people off from your past hat have "been like family" to you especially when they selfishly and wrongly represent you in a horribly damaging light the way Rev Jeremiah Wright's sermon did.

"God Bless America? No! God Damn America"
-Rev Jeremiah Wright

That comment by the "good' reverend showed NO LOVE or CONSIDERATION for his beloved Obama. BY GOD REVEREND!!!! Senator Obama is running for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Comments like God Damn America is NOT going to help him win the election. Rev. Wright should hold a press conference and pulicly apolgize for his inciderary comments in his sermon. Obama forgive your pastor like the good book teahces us to do...but disown hm like a President should.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama Bashing

Okay here we go. The political US Presidential race has become a Presidential race about race. Geraldine Ferraro, Senator Hillary Clinton's economic advisor, has called Senator Obama out and said publicly that Senator Obama is LUCKY he is black because if he were a white man he would not have had the success he has in this Presidential race. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!??? Geraldine Ferraro is a white woman who herself ran for president years ago. As a woman Geraldine is a minority in this country and as a Presidential candidate she was experienced the challenges of overcoming her minority position as a woman to bid for the President of the USA. It is a shame when one suppressed minority group uses racial overtones to suppress another minority group. In the entire history for this country the only Presidents have been white males. For Geraldine Ferraro to say that somehow Senator Obama is "LUCKY" to be a black man running for president in a country where there have only been white males elected as President is absolutely DUMB. IDIOTIC. ABSURD. I can go on and on name calling Geraldine Ferraro. I mean we may as well say that Senator Hillary Clinton is "LUCKY" she is a woman because if she were a man she would never have had the success she has had in this Presidential race. Now how does that sound Geraldine???? It sounds about as idiotic as your statement about Senator Obama being lucky he is a black man!!! I am saddened that one of the parties that are on the verge of changing the entire history of American politics by opening so many doors for minorities in politics are attacking the other's race and gender. Hillary Clinton, you and your party are out of line and just because you are losing to a black man doesn't mean that you need to sabotage the entire democratic party's Presidential bid. It is a sad day.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Disposable Microwave Generation

"Oooh to the left..to the left"

"Everything u had is in the box to the left"

"Ooh you're replaceable!"

Those words are R&B singer Beyonce's in her song "Replaceable" became the new national anthem for women in America. It's more than a catchy tune. It has summed up the pulse of our generation as a "throw away" society. No longer is the fruits of a lasting sustainable relationship or marriage appealing to this "disposable microwave generation" rather REPLACING what we have for another is the widely accepted trend now. We have become a society that gauges a successful fulfilling life by how many notches we can put on our belt thru as many different relationships we can experience. Gone are the days of sticking through the bad times with our partners with the certainty of a better day coming.

Let me ask all of you something..... Why is it that when our relationships change from being thriving and blissful to confrontational and painful that we do not believe that the relationship can be thriving and blissful again??? Too often we all put a permanent stamp of "BAD" on the relationship as if the EXTREME GOOD that the relationship used to be was simply a dream or a figment of our imagination. But this BAD relationship that we are now faced with is the "REAL" picture of this relationship. This thought process is reflective of our disposable microwave generation that we live in today. Or as Beyonce's song says "You are replaceable". I am here to tell you that there will be a lot of lonely women in about ten years. These same women are the women who thought they would simply REPLACE their men and jump to the next one. Guess what? Eventually all that replacing will come to end when these women get older and the task of simply replacing their men becomes difficult as the prospects start to diminish due to these women's fading beauty as they get older and older.

Our society wants it NOW and at first sign of difficulty our society THROWS it away. You know all these things happen for a reason. Don't just throw it all away when the seasons change. All things that are worth getting are hard to get. And the old adage that good things come to those who wait is TRUE! This culture of simply replacing our partners is truly a type of insanity. How many times will we continue to repeat the same behavior over and over with the same bad results??? One definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over even though the results continue to end up bad. That is what we have become..... an "insane" nation when it comes to our relationships because we keep repeating the same behavior of simply replacing our partners instead of working thru our problems to get that bliss back again. Its insane because we replace our relationships with another relationship which only ends up eventually being bad again with either a new set of problems or the same set of problems that we thought we were getting away from in the first place!!! But time is the great equalizer. Time will find this generation, that believes in replacing our wives, husbands and partners as the answer when our relationships go thru difficult times, sorely alone and depressed as age catches up to them. Hang in there and work your problems out. That same relationship that used to make you say "Wow!" that now makes you say "Ow!" can turn again to "Wow!". Put God first and apply the teachings of Christ Jesus to your relationships and you all can work thru your relationship problems.

"Bag lady all them bags they gonna weigh you down one day"
-Erika Badu

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Place of Peace

I'm back! Been away for a while enjoying my new found PEACE. Finally got to a place in life where I had no drama and blessings are pouring in. So i let it settle in to my bones and I have been just enjoying not having to think or worry or deal with crisis. PEACE! Peace is an awesome thing. You notice things that you failed to notice before when you have peace in your life. Likewise you fail to notice things when you going thru crisis. Its the little things that you start to notice again when you get to that Place of Peace. You notice things like sunsets and sunrises. You notice things like wind blowing and full moons. You notice things like how good breakfast is....especial cereals that you had when you were a kid...Capn Crunch, fruit loops, Trix, frosted flakes. ( I think I ate whole boxes at once! Lol!) Yep, peace is a beautiful thing. Its funny how when you reach that place of peace you don't have much to say. Oh when things are bad we sure got tons to say and we want the world to know it!!! But when things are good and blessings are abound we get quiet. Well I noticed that dynamic when I was a kid in my parents behavior and other kids parents behavior. When kids are doing bad parents are up in arms and yelling from the rafters. But when the kids do good, like bring home good grades, make the honor roll, or win at sports, or even help out around the house and be nice to their siblings, there is barely a whisper heard from the parents as compared to when kids do bad. Sure they give congrats and hugs but not to the same intensity as when they were yelling bout the bad that was done. Let's all scream of joy from the rooftops when good happens with the same energy as we do when bad happens. For example, my sons are doing great in school. My oldest just made all A's and made the Principle's List!!!!!!!! I am blessed!....just wanted to yell at ya'll and let you know it. Next time good happens in your life...scream it out and let the world know it. Don't act like it is expected.... It's not. It is a reason to shout! In the meantime I am enjoying this Place of Peace and smoking plenty of cigars in my rocking chair. ..PEACE!

"Sometimes I sit to think...and sometimes I just sit to sit"
-Ardelle Cooper, my late grandmother (God rest her soul)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Afterlife

"Who in their right mind if given a choice would choose going to hell over going to heaven?"
-Pastor Ken Whitten

I wonder about people. When I see so much wickedness and acts of evil around the world I still sit back in bewilderment. I can't understand for the life of me why a person would do such terrible things when the end result is a lifetime in hell. I mean do these people believe that once we die then that's it and we turn to dust so i doesn't matter how they behave? Do these people think that all they have to do is ask God for forgiveness and then they are cool, set to live the afterlife is eternal bliss in heaven? Or does the devil take control of these people's minds and hearts and soul to cause them to do such heinous acts? As one of my pastors, Pastor Ken Whitten preached in a sermon, he asked this question...."Who in their right mind if given a choice would choose going to hell over going to heaven?" The thing is, is that we are given that choice but people still to this day continue to choose to do bad even when they know the consequence. Why is that???

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Adam and Eve

Has anyone noticed that the absolute HARDEST thing to do is make a male/female relationship work? Can I hear a collective shout from all around the world......? UGGHHHHH!!!!! To ease the pain for all of you men and women around the world let me give you some understanding. Like my Grandmother always used to say, "In all your getting, get understanding". So here we go.......

Back in the Garden of Eden, Man and Woman had it made. Man and Woman had no struggles and no relationship confrontations. That all changed when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate from the tree of knowledge. It was the FALL of MAN. In the Bible, one of God's punishments for Woman for disobeying him and eating from that tree is submission to Man. And in Genesis 3:16 God said to the Woman....

"Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you."

And in God's punishment for Eve is the key to why we all have struggles in our relationships. In one fell swoop God made Man to rule over Woman and he made Woman's desire to be for her Man. Now the word "desire" doesn't mean only a want or a craving. The Bible uses that word "desire" as in to cleave to or to want to be like. In other words God cursed the Woman to be forever ruled over by the Man but be forever tormented by the craving yearning to be like the Man's role and rule over him instead of him ruling over her! Are you kidding me??? How in the world are we men and women supposed to have successful healthy relationships if we are doomed and cursed to forever be butting heads in a power struggle???

See this life that God created is a paradox. Anything worth getting is hard to get. Opposing forces work together all for good and the glory of God. In this particular paradox of Man and Woman's forever battle for rule over each other, God knew that this struggle would bring Mankind closer to Him because it would take the Man and Woman to submit to God's rules in order for their relationships to work and be successful. And God knew that the only way for Man and Woman to do this was to do so through their spirit and not through their flesh. For the flesh is weak but through the spirit Man can do all things. So the key to making our relationships work is for women and men to follow the rules as God laid out for us which is for man to rule over the woman and the ONLY way for the relationship to succeed is for the woman to submit to her man's rule over her. In Ephesians 5:21 the Bible says "Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ." And in Ephesians 5:22-24 the Bible says "Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church sumits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything." It is futile to fight it women..... but you all will fight it. Fighting it is part of the same curse God put on women as punishment for eating from the forbidden tree of knowledge.

Aw heck no!!!! I can hear all you women around the world snapping your necks and smacking your lips in protest. Believe me I totally understand because in this day and age of radical liberal feminism and ever since the women's rights movement to push for man and women to be equal partners. But I am telling you like I know the sun rises that God's way is the ONLY way to make relationships work. God's way forces us to die of ourselves and our natural desires in order to follow His will. It takes work and sacrifice and sweat and tears.... things weren't this hard back in the good ol' days of the Garden of Eden. Man we had it made! But ever since those blissful days ended everything that is good is exremely hard to get. But God knew that Eve would fail and that Adam would fail. But it was all part of His plan to make Mankind seek Him and follow Him. God knew it would be hard for Man to grow closer to Him as long as Mankind was given everything and had all its needs provided for. God knew that the devil would tempt Eve to disobey Him and that Eve would tempt Adam and that they would fail and be driven out the garden. But it was all part of God's plan to make us grow closer to Him so that one day, as Believers, we will be back in a new Garden of Eden and that's heaven.

In order for our male/female relationships to succeed men have to have compassion for women's curse of internal struggle to rule over us. In having understanding and compassion of woman's battle, man will be better rulers by taking into consideration the nature of who they are ruling over. It will aid the man in being more patient and amicable in problem solving and dealing with woman's "attitude" and not take it personal when the woman is defiant and want to lead him and rule over him. And men, in order to expect Woman to let you rule over her, men must seek to be as righteous as they can. Men, the more righteous you are the more your women will want to let you rule over her.

But to ensure success in our relationships it definitely takes both the Man and the Woman doing their part. So in order for male/female relationships to succeed women have to understand that it is NOT a issue of Man being superior and Woman being inferior. Women, to deal with God's curse that He put on you, submission and dying of yourselves and dying of your natural desire to rule over your man is a must. It is extremely hard to do women......but everything worth getting is hard to get. And men.....it is extremely hard to be a compassionate ruler who can limit his authority in order to "ride out the storm" when the woman falls to her desires of flexing her want to rule over you....but it is required cause everything worth getting is hard to get.

"Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes."
-Ephesians 6:11
"Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground...."
-Ephesians 6:13

Monday, February 18, 2008


Now that we have turned our attention a little from Major League Baseball's Congressional dog and pony show let's focus on some real professional sports scandal....SPYGATE. The Patriots are accused of videotaping practices all the way back from 2001 against my old team the ST. Louis Rams. I can promise you with this NFL scandal Congress wont have another shameful dog and pony show like they did with the Roger Clemens hearings. Watching our country's leaders orchestrate that congressional hearing was embarrassing. Are you kidding me??? Did you hear some of the comments and questions that these "top leaders" were asking??? I swear I wonder who elected these bozos??? Let's hope and pray that our Government can handle investigating the Bill Bellichik scandal better than they did the Roger Clemens fiasco. This NFL scandal is going to send a ripple all the way through the entire league from the top all the way down. NFL commissioner Roger Goodall was found by Congress to have erased the videotape evidence Bill Bellichik's taping of the NY Jets during the regular season. He erased the tapes!!?? What! Can you say "co-conspirator??" Commissioner Goodall is in trouble. Bill Bellichik is in trouble. And the entire Patriots organization is in trouble. Now the allegations are that Bill Bellichik taped the Rams walk through pratice the week of the 2001 Super Bowl. My old teammate St. Louis Ram teammate Willie Gary has filed a $100 million class action lawsuit against the Patriots. Willie didn't play that much that year but he is in the game now! This is shaping up to be one of the biggest scandals in professional sports history. Hold on to your seats!

"Truth always comes to light"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Guilty Untill Proven Innocent (Roger Clemens, PacMan Jones, Barry Bonds, O.J., etc))

Celebrity figures are under fire. O.J. Simpson, Roger Clemens, Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, PacMan Jones, etc. As I embark on beginning to do prison ministry with the leaders of my church I thought I would share my motivation that led me to this walk of ministry. In America it seems no mater how many stories of corruption and criminal convictions of our country's judges, police officers, military personnel and politicians, a majority of people in the USA still believe that these people who are hired or elected to serve and protect are trustworthy, honest and have no bias or motive of personal gain behind their accusations, charges and judgements. Regardless of the many accounts we hear of injustices and errors committed by those in law enforcement and the legal system, we still hold people in these offices in high regard and believe their reports as the gospel truth. The news and the media that report these stories are also blindly believed by the masses. No matter how many news stories are written in error or retracted, the trend today in the court of public opinion is to find those who are charged with crimes to be automatically guilty. Then when that same legal system decides to not file charges, drop charges, or find those charged to be innocent, public opinion still holds on to their belief of guilt. The standard thought process is "Well that person must have done something or they wouldn't have been charged or arrested in the first place" Are you kidding me??? We have turned into a nation of "Guilty Untill Proven Innocent" To base our presumptive beliefs of guilt on the reports and charges generated from our erred news media, law enforcement and legal system is a gross error in logic. Our legal system is a muddled bureaucratic mess run by underpaid and overworked biased corrupt individuals. These law enforcement and legal systems are run by people who know that they stand personal gain the more arrests and jail sentences they can achieve. Every yahoo police cowboy out there is chomping at the bit to arrest and convict especially if the accused is a celebrity. Those in law enforcement and the legal system have figured it out that they can achieve great things for themselves and can climb up the law enforcement and political ladder by bagging a celebrity arrest and conviction. So how can we as a people take the legal systems word to the extreme like we do and pass judgement on those charged and even those acquitted and found innocent? It is because we have become a nation driven by fear. It seems odd to me that this thing called fear is also the devil's primary weapon of choice to drive us away from our glory, our worship and our salvation by our God. No longer is America the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave". We are now the "Land of Slaves to Fear and the Home of the Scared". Seems to me the devil is infesting our nation with fear which has griped our very spirits and we'd rather shun people at 1st sign of allegation of criminal charge and err on the side of caution. And even when those we have shunned get exonerated and proven innocent we still shun them out of fear that they may have done something criminal regardless if they were proven innocent. We as a nation need to rise up and take our lives back out of fear's deathly grip. Values like FAITH and PATIENCE and PEACE need to come back and rule our lives. In doing so we give honor and praise to the Lord and defeat the works of the devil. How many stories do we have to hear about people who were wrongly convicted and served several years in prison for crimes they did not commit? All hell would break loose if all people in our nation actually knew how corrupt and muddled our legal system is and that the fabric of our society is nothing but a seemingly "death trap" for those that have the misfortune to fall into the lgeal systems grasp. It is not untill people get thrown into the legal system themselves by lawsuit or arrest that they see for themselves how mesed up the system actually is. And God forbid that you actually have put the fate of your entire life in the hands of an attorney to defend yourself. These attorneys will cost you thousands to hundred of thousands of dollars and it is not refundable if you are found innocent. And you don't get a "do over" if your attorney does a horrible job. Money gone! Life gone! Reputation gone! As I have said before, all of us need to stop condemning each other and passing judgement on each other. We are too hard on each other. Life is about forgiveness, mercy and grace. We are only human and we all fail and we all fall. Be careful out there.

"Only a fool believes everything they read and hear"


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

US Congress, Steroids, and Baseball

What is all this fuss about steroids in pro baseball??? It just seems very odd to me that a sport where not much physical contact is made is the one that has caused all the controversy about steroids. I mean I undertsand that steroids is illegal and that it enhances the players ability to hit and throw better but WHO CARES??? Hold on...wait a minute..let's think about this for a second. Let's flip this and think of all the non steroid using players that played against all these steroid using baseball players and acutally beat them! Wow then these players must really be the true great ones if they could beat these steroid monster baseball players with only using their sheer God given natural ability...RIGHT??? Then that must mean I too am a greater player than I originally thought. Lol! I played steroid free for all 12 years of my pro football career in the NFL against the biggest strongest powerful fastest men in the world. DO you think that I ever stopped to care whether or not an opponent was on steroids or not??? NO! Guess what? I just lined up and whooped their butts... steroid or no steroid. Look world...this steroid thing is a joke. I know plenty of steroid using athletes that STILL could not cut it and were horrible. The history of our professional sports has shown even 1st round draft picks that used steroids turn out to be busts. Its time that the US Congress find something better to do with its time then needle sniffing and steroid hunting. Maybe the US Government can focus on more important things like...um..let me think...how about stopping the atrocities in the Iraq war??!! There is PLENTY of illegal acts being committed by our military in Iraq. And is it fair that our America troops are competing in the war and using its own version of steriods to do it??? Our "steroid" pumped up military might is "unfairly" killing thousands of "non steroid" using Iraqi men, women, and children who don't stand a chance. Is that fair US Congress? Hmm?

"The true measure of man is not how many time he falls and fails but how many time he gets up"
-someone famous

"If it can't be cured then it must be endured"


Monday, February 11, 2008

Obama Chills

Have you all been listening? Have you all been watching? We are blessed to be seeing history in the making! I'm talking about Barack Obama for President of the United States. Are you kidding me??? Just hearing him say the words "I will be the next President of the United States" gives me CHILLS. Goosbumps. As a kid I learned about great men like JFK and MLK. But now we all have the opportunity to actually see the coming of a man shaped in same mold of these great men. Years ago my 8 year old son Ijechi asked me once "Daddy, can a black man become President?" Just the fact that in the 21st cnetury a kid still has to ask this type of question is a damn shame and we as Americans should be ashamed. I told my son that although only white men have been voted as the President of the United States a balck man, latin man, asian man, or a woman can be voted as the President of the United States but unfortunatley these groups of people are the minority and people usually vote for people that look the same as them and that a mojority of people in America are white. But look at the Obama Campaign! He has started to disproved this notion that I told my son about only white men being President. I see white people. latin people, asian people voting for Obama in these primaries. We are all geting the chance to see a changing time here in America where color of skin does not determine votes. Sen Obama does not become the next president of the United States I can tell my son that YES a black man can be Presidant and has a fighting chance to elected. I'm telling you it gives me CHILLS.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cheaters and Karma

Super Bowl XLII concluded with yet another miracle. NY Giants Win! Amazing. But did you see Eli Manning? The look on his face when he won reminded me of someone......reminded me of Tom Brady when he won his 1st Super Bowl by beating my team when I was on the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI. That pure joy and humble happiness that we see in children when they play the GAME of football shined thru in Eli Manning. Eli's exuberance was a mirror for all the world to see to compare Tom Brady and Head Coach Bill "scrooge" Bellichik and just how far they have fallen. I admired Tom Brady after his 1st Super Bowl win against my team. He had that same look that Eli had. But now when you see Tom Brady he has the look of arrogance. Like the world owes him something and all should bow down. The look of superiority that is never satisfied and always wants for more. Now the NFL is saying that the Patriots not only cheated against the Jets during the regular season in a scandal called "Spygate" they are now also saying that the Patriots cheated against my team the Rams in Super Boowl XXXVI. Commisoner Goodall says he may take their super bowl rings back and award them to the Rams. Wow! If this is all true it is sad what success can do to you especially when you CHEAT to achieve success. If this is true then karma was at play in Super Bowl XLII. If this is true then God made sure that vindication would right the Patriots wrong by making sure they fell....and fall hard. If this is true then God made sure that the Pats would rise has high as they possibly could by being undefeated so that their fall would be as high as it could be.

"No matter how hard you fight to not see your reflection you will always run into a mirror sooner or later"

Friday, February 8, 2008

Life in the NFL....Life after the NFL

Hello world. This is Chidi Ahanotu. This blog is created to be a forum for issues dealing with the National Football League (NFL). Having spent 12 years as a starter in the NFL and "Franchise PLayer" for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and now Vice President of the NFLPA Retired Players Tampa Chapter, I have seen it ALL. Any topic is fair play and my goal is to educate, give insight, and awareness to the NFL, NFL fans, NFL wives, and NFL players current and reitred. God Bless and remember let's all stop being so hard on each other and stop condemning and being so judgemental. We are all only human and WE ALL FALL AND WE ALL FAIL......and you KNOW you have done bad deeds and failed too so stop being so hard on your fellow man. Life is about Forgiveness. Mercy. and Grace.

"In all your getting....get understanding"
-My Grandmother Ardelle Cooper