Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cheaters and Karma

Super Bowl XLII concluded with yet another miracle. NY Giants Win! Amazing. But did you see Eli Manning? The look on his face when he won reminded me of someone......reminded me of Tom Brady when he won his 1st Super Bowl by beating my team when I was on the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI. That pure joy and humble happiness that we see in children when they play the GAME of football shined thru in Eli Manning. Eli's exuberance was a mirror for all the world to see to compare Tom Brady and Head Coach Bill "scrooge" Bellichik and just how far they have fallen. I admired Tom Brady after his 1st Super Bowl win against my team. He had that same look that Eli had. But now when you see Tom Brady he has the look of arrogance. Like the world owes him something and all should bow down. The look of superiority that is never satisfied and always wants for more. Now the NFL is saying that the Patriots not only cheated against the Jets during the regular season in a scandal called "Spygate" they are now also saying that the Patriots cheated against my team the Rams in Super Boowl XXXVI. Commisoner Goodall says he may take their super bowl rings back and award them to the Rams. Wow! If this is all true it is sad what success can do to you especially when you CHEAT to achieve success. If this is true then karma was at play in Super Bowl XLII. If this is true then God made sure that vindication would right the Patriots wrong by making sure they fell....and fall hard. If this is true then God made sure that the Pats would rise has high as they possibly could by being undefeated so that their fall would be as high as it could be.

"No matter how hard you fight to not see your reflection you will always run into a mirror sooner or later"


Anonymous said...

nice start welcome

Anonymous said...

Hi Chidi:

Enjoyed reading your blog site. I am especially interested in your statement that NFL Commissioner Goodall is investigating whether to strip the Patriots of their Super Bowl win against the Rams and give the Super Bowl rings to the Rams. Where can I read more about this and what is the likelihood of this possibly happening. I would love to see this happen and it would the greatest blow ever against the almighty Patriots!!!

Uncle W