Thursday, February 14, 2008

Guilty Untill Proven Innocent (Roger Clemens, PacMan Jones, Barry Bonds, O.J., etc))

Celebrity figures are under fire. O.J. Simpson, Roger Clemens, Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, PacMan Jones, etc. As I embark on beginning to do prison ministry with the leaders of my church I thought I would share my motivation that led me to this walk of ministry. In America it seems no mater how many stories of corruption and criminal convictions of our country's judges, police officers, military personnel and politicians, a majority of people in the USA still believe that these people who are hired or elected to serve and protect are trustworthy, honest and have no bias or motive of personal gain behind their accusations, charges and judgements. Regardless of the many accounts we hear of injustices and errors committed by those in law enforcement and the legal system, we still hold people in these offices in high regard and believe their reports as the gospel truth. The news and the media that report these stories are also blindly believed by the masses. No matter how many news stories are written in error or retracted, the trend today in the court of public opinion is to find those who are charged with crimes to be automatically guilty. Then when that same legal system decides to not file charges, drop charges, or find those charged to be innocent, public opinion still holds on to their belief of guilt. The standard thought process is "Well that person must have done something or they wouldn't have been charged or arrested in the first place" Are you kidding me??? We have turned into a nation of "Guilty Untill Proven Innocent" To base our presumptive beliefs of guilt on the reports and charges generated from our erred news media, law enforcement and legal system is a gross error in logic. Our legal system is a muddled bureaucratic mess run by underpaid and overworked biased corrupt individuals. These law enforcement and legal systems are run by people who know that they stand personal gain the more arrests and jail sentences they can achieve. Every yahoo police cowboy out there is chomping at the bit to arrest and convict especially if the accused is a celebrity. Those in law enforcement and the legal system have figured it out that they can achieve great things for themselves and can climb up the law enforcement and political ladder by bagging a celebrity arrest and conviction. So how can we as a people take the legal systems word to the extreme like we do and pass judgement on those charged and even those acquitted and found innocent? It is because we have become a nation driven by fear. It seems odd to me that this thing called fear is also the devil's primary weapon of choice to drive us away from our glory, our worship and our salvation by our God. No longer is America the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave". We are now the "Land of Slaves to Fear and the Home of the Scared". Seems to me the devil is infesting our nation with fear which has griped our very spirits and we'd rather shun people at 1st sign of allegation of criminal charge and err on the side of caution. And even when those we have shunned get exonerated and proven innocent we still shun them out of fear that they may have done something criminal regardless if they were proven innocent. We as a nation need to rise up and take our lives back out of fear's deathly grip. Values like FAITH and PATIENCE and PEACE need to come back and rule our lives. In doing so we give honor and praise to the Lord and defeat the works of the devil. How many stories do we have to hear about people who were wrongly convicted and served several years in prison for crimes they did not commit? All hell would break loose if all people in our nation actually knew how corrupt and muddled our legal system is and that the fabric of our society is nothing but a seemingly "death trap" for those that have the misfortune to fall into the lgeal systems grasp. It is not untill people get thrown into the legal system themselves by lawsuit or arrest that they see for themselves how mesed up the system actually is. And God forbid that you actually have put the fate of your entire life in the hands of an attorney to defend yourself. These attorneys will cost you thousands to hundred of thousands of dollars and it is not refundable if you are found innocent. And you don't get a "do over" if your attorney does a horrible job. Money gone! Life gone! Reputation gone! As I have said before, all of us need to stop condemning each other and passing judgement on each other. We are too hard on each other. Life is about forgiveness, mercy and grace. We are only human and we all fail and we all fall. Be careful out there.

"Only a fool believes everything they read and hear"



Anonymous said...

Chidi, this isn't much about this blog. Just wanted to know if you are single and available. I could do with a friend with a bright smile as yours.

Just taking mu chances and keeping my fingers crossed ( LoL)

5j5c21s1r on the hotm (CLUE?) The numbers are the vowels numbered 1-5. Im sure you can figure it out.


odega said...

hi chidi. it is obvious dat the frontiers of the free world is seriously shaking to the vibrant whims of the privileged is happening in the USA, which makes things scary. pls people like you have to raise the awareness! good luck to your prison mission...

Chidi Ahanotu said...

Hello 5J5, LOL! I must be not too bright cause I have NO IDEA what your name is wuth that clue u left. LOL. Or maybe it wasn't your name but a word??? What is your me out. And yes I am single.

Chidi Ahanotu said...

Thanks for your well wishes. I will carry on. Thanks.