Friday, February 8, 2008

Life in the NFL....Life after the NFL

Hello world. This is Chidi Ahanotu. This blog is created to be a forum for issues dealing with the National Football League (NFL). Having spent 12 years as a starter in the NFL and "Franchise PLayer" for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and now Vice President of the NFLPA Retired Players Tampa Chapter, I have seen it ALL. Any topic is fair play and my goal is to educate, give insight, and awareness to the NFL, NFL fans, NFL wives, and NFL players current and reitred. God Bless and remember let's all stop being so hard on each other and stop condemning and being so judgemental. We are all only human and WE ALL FALL AND WE ALL FAIL......and you KNOW you have done bad deeds and failed too so stop being so hard on your fellow man. Life is about Forgiveness. Mercy. and Grace.

"In all your getting....get understanding"
-My Grandmother Ardelle Cooper


linda ikeji said...

Hey Chidi, welcome to blogsville. I'm so happy for you and very proud of you. I'm bringing people here to be part of your world. U'll be a blessing to a lot of people like u've been to me.Linda

Chidi Ahanotu said...

Hey Linda. Thanks for welcoming me to blog world. LOL! I have come to the conclusion that I have a lot to say and I need for it to be heard. If I can help people thru my blog then that would be great. I am glad I have been a blessing to you (Although I don't know how...U are the one who has been a blessing to me!) Anyway God Bless and happy blogging.

odega said...

hi chidi, welcome to blogsville! saw ur link on linda ikeji's blog page. i kind of like the piece on obama n black presidency in the USA. i once said 24 *(the series)
is prophetic about that. but it gets disturbin readin that black folks like p. diddy are pullin weight behind hilary clinton! haba, wats up folks!

God's child said...

"I am now restored to wear my crown and take my place in eternity. Glory."

Loved that part of your profile, remember no good thing does He withhold from those who walk upright !!
Chidi, got your link from Linda's blog, a fellow Nigerian and NFL fan who rooted for you in Tampa because after all your name was Chidi, one of us lol
welcome on here and happy blogging

Anonymous said...

Chidi,please try to post all comments and do not be selective.In live,you need the critics.You refused to post my comments for reasons best known to you or maybe you feel i was too hard.Anyway,read the responses to your story at Linda's blog and you will find my response there cautioning Linda to thread softly around you.She not only published it,she also replied my comments.Aside,you look a great guy with loads of talents. I mean well and i wish you and your 3 lovely boys all the best.

Vera Ikeji said...

Welcome to blogsville man!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chidi your blog is quite informative.

Very sensible..


Anonymous said...

Hi! Great idea, but will this really work?