Monday, February 18, 2008


Now that we have turned our attention a little from Major League Baseball's Congressional dog and pony show let's focus on some real professional sports scandal....SPYGATE. The Patriots are accused of videotaping practices all the way back from 2001 against my old team the ST. Louis Rams. I can promise you with this NFL scandal Congress wont have another shameful dog and pony show like they did with the Roger Clemens hearings. Watching our country's leaders orchestrate that congressional hearing was embarrassing. Are you kidding me??? Did you hear some of the comments and questions that these "top leaders" were asking??? I swear I wonder who elected these bozos??? Let's hope and pray that our Government can handle investigating the Bill Bellichik scandal better than they did the Roger Clemens fiasco. This NFL scandal is going to send a ripple all the way through the entire league from the top all the way down. NFL commissioner Roger Goodall was found by Congress to have erased the videotape evidence Bill Bellichik's taping of the NY Jets during the regular season. He erased the tapes!!?? What! Can you say "co-conspirator??" Commissioner Goodall is in trouble. Bill Bellichik is in trouble. And the entire Patriots organization is in trouble. Now the allegations are that Bill Bellichik taped the Rams walk through pratice the week of the 2001 Super Bowl. My old teammate St. Louis Ram teammate Willie Gary has filed a $100 million class action lawsuit against the Patriots. Willie didn't play that much that year but he is in the game now! This is shaping up to be one of the biggest scandals in professional sports history. Hold on to your seats!

"Truth always comes to light"


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