Wednesday, February 13, 2008

US Congress, Steroids, and Baseball

What is all this fuss about steroids in pro baseball??? It just seems very odd to me that a sport where not much physical contact is made is the one that has caused all the controversy about steroids. I mean I undertsand that steroids is illegal and that it enhances the players ability to hit and throw better but WHO CARES??? Hold on...wait a minute..let's think about this for a second. Let's flip this and think of all the non steroid using players that played against all these steroid using baseball players and acutally beat them! Wow then these players must really be the true great ones if they could beat these steroid monster baseball players with only using their sheer God given natural ability...RIGHT??? Then that must mean I too am a greater player than I originally thought. Lol! I played steroid free for all 12 years of my pro football career in the NFL against the biggest strongest powerful fastest men in the world. DO you think that I ever stopped to care whether or not an opponent was on steroids or not??? NO! Guess what? I just lined up and whooped their butts... steroid or no steroid. Look world...this steroid thing is a joke. I know plenty of steroid using athletes that STILL could not cut it and were horrible. The history of our professional sports has shown even 1st round draft picks that used steroids turn out to be busts. Its time that the US Congress find something better to do with its time then needle sniffing and steroid hunting. Maybe the US Government can focus on more important things me about stopping the atrocities in the Iraq war??!! There is PLENTY of illegal acts being committed by our military in Iraq. And is it fair that our America troops are competing in the war and using its own version of steriods to do it??? Our "steroid" pumped up military might is "unfairly" killing thousands of "non steroid" using Iraqi men, women, and children who don't stand a chance. Is that fair US Congress? Hmm?

"The true measure of man is not how many time he falls and fails but how many time he gets up"
-someone famous

"If it can't be cured then it must be endured"



Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogville Chidi. Linda told me about your blog. I have read all your posts and love them all.

Please check out for typos and grammatical errors as well. Most importantly, grammatical errors. For instance, please change "rised" to rose on your profile. You rose and not rised.

Take care and good luck.

ababoypart2 said...

Well made points, 1st time here, thanks to Linda Ikeji

Wynona said...

Thanks for writing this.