Saturday, March 22, 2008

America the Beautiful, America the Backwards

The founding father's of this nation were on to something great and something beautiful. The birth place of democracy and freedom made America a beacon of light and hope. But America the beautiful too often reveals itself to be America the backwards.
We are now living in a time here in America where 1 out every 100 adults are in prison. Statistic show that the crime rates HAVE NOT increased dramatically so why the rise in incarceration rates??? See, I was watching HBO's television series "The Wire". In this year's season the cops on the show are seen tampering with crime scenes where homeless people are found dead in an attempt to make it look like a serial killer is running rampant on the loose killing homeless. These cops tamper with the crime scenes in order to con the Government into funding their police department with lots more money to pay the cops more money and pay for overtime for this rise in crime. Here in real life the increase of incarceration rates can be traced to a similar type of con here in America. See the law enforcement who are hired to serve and protect, and the members of the Justice department who are serving the people to uphold justice have figured out that the more criminals they can create the more money is funded by our Government to pay the salaries, raises, overtime etc of these members of the Justice Department and the law enforcement. How else do they account for such a drastic rise in incarceration rates but no correlating drastic rise in crime rates??? America now leads the WORLD in the number of prisoners and in the incarceration rate. LEADS THE ENTIRE WORLD! 1 out of every 100 adults are in prison!!! Are u kidding me???? With so many of our hired and elected members of the Justice Department and law enforcement corrupt its no wonder this country leads the entire world in incarceration rates. It is so amazing that the ones who are supposed to being serving and protecting and upholding justice are the ones who are lying, tampering, cheating, practicing corruption and breaking their own laws. How are you as a person gonna be yelling and screaming accusing people of committing crimes and make it your mission to aggressively fight for justice when you yourself are committing corrupt acts and breaking the law in order to convict people??? You hypocrites. How many times do we turn on the news and hear about a prisoner being freed after serving 20 years or so in prison wrongly convicted for crime they did not commit??? That has to tell you that our legal system is broken. And to be leading the entire world in incarceration rates we should all be ashamed....America the backwards.
America the backwards... so what is our solution to crime? Our country's solution is to throw more people in jail. What is our solution to guns killing and gunmen killing massacres on our Universities? Our solution is to add more guns by allowing more people to bear arms and let the college students walk around with concealed guns. Are you kidding me??? Hey here's a thought...How about banning the sale of guns so that it is illegal for anyone to own guns! The answer to stop increase in gun killings is not to add more guns. The only ones who should have guns are the law and military. But no, our country adds more laws to let more people carry guns! Unbelievable! America the backwards.
In the meantime we spend so much of our resources and pour so much money into the criminal system to deal with the rise in incarceration rates. Hey here is another novel idea... How about pouring that money into the educational system so that we can teach the people not to do crimes and to educate the people so that they can get jobs. Bu no, our country focuses our funds into criminal systems instead of educational systems. How about using those same funds to teach the people criminal justice courses in our educational system so that people will know the law and know what the consequences of committing crimes are. We say we want less crimes but we don't teach the people in our schools about crimes. We teach history, math and English but we don't teach any criminal justice courses! Instead we don't teach the people anything about crimes or the law and wait till they are in front of a judge charged with a crime to teach them about crimes. I see why our corrupt system wouldn't want to teach people criminal justice because then there would be less crimes committed thus less criminal thus less funding to line the pockets of the one who work In law enforcement and the Justice Department. It's a dirty game...America the backwards
Take a look at our war efforts in Iraq. We have spent 120 billion a year fighting this war meantime our economy, infrastructure, health care, education systems and employment is suffering a mighty blow. How much sense does it make to spend this type of money to fix someone else's country when it causes our own country to fall apart??? Are you kidding me??? America the backwards. We went into Iraq to make America a safer place to live. Does our country truly think that once we pull out of Iraq that the Muslim world is going to treat us better than it did before the war? Are you kidding me??? America has stuck its hand into the hornets nest and Muslims around the world are even more angry at America now. I was in tears when 911 happened. I lost some dear friends and old teammates when the twin towers were attacked and destroyed. But the Bible says do not answer evil with evil. But America we answered evil with evil and to expect America to be safer now that we are at war with the Muslim world is not reasonable. America the backwards.
We say that we want our citizens to have jobs but meanwhile we ship a majority of our jobs overseas. NAFTA created a floodgate for our American jobs to vanish. When people can't find work guess what happens? Answer is..CRIMES are committed. And when crimes are committed guess what happens? Answer is... the judicial system gets the opportunity to incarcerate. And when incarceration rates go up guess what happens? Answer is... FUNDING GOES UP to address the incarcerated. And who gets that funding? Answer is...the people who work in law enforcement and the Justice department salaries get that funding. Do you now see the picture folks??? The whole system of shipping jobs overseas, and not pouring money into our education system and not teaching criminal justice courses in our schools, and adding more laws to allow more people to carry and own guns which cause more crimes like murder and assault, is all a corrupt system who's sole purpose is to line pockets with more money for the police officers, the prison officials and workers, the judges, the state attorneys, and the lawyers, and the politicians. If we weren't spending so many billions of dollars for the last 5 years to fight war in Iraq to fix their country, we could instead use that same money to pay our members of law enforcement and Justice departments so that they wouldn't have to participate in this corrupt system to line their pockets with more money. When is someone going to do a study to show the rate of increasing salaries of law enforcement and Justice department personnel to show the amounts of money that is pouring in due to this alarming increase of incarceration rates? I bet it will be alarming when we see the amounts of money. And cops who are found to be charged with crimes and/or convicted of abusing their power and committing crimes get suspended WITH PAY for years. So while the rest of us are being carted off to prison for crimes at an alarming rate of 1 out of every 100 adult, the cops that are found guilty of on the job crimes are getting a paid vacation by being suspended for years with pay....It is a dirty game.
"America the Beautiful", America the backwards

"The Chickens have come home to roost"
-anonymous southern saying


Wanda Rose said...

How we respond to evil and injustice is the key to ending the cycle of evil and injustice. Feeding the prison system with salaries and starving the population of knowledge thus fattening them up as targets to populate the system locks in the cycle.

How do we stop this? Even a small conscious action to approach things a from a different vantage point will work to starve that cycle.

Lets take a clue from Mother Teresa:
"I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there."

Again, what actions can we as individuals take to put some positive energy toward reversing that shameful industrial-military complex cycle?

Coming together and speaking of such matters is a great way to us to bring awareness. My son recently took high school US History. And, I must admit, I was impressed with the portrayal of slavery as a system fueled by economic greed! From the colonization of "empty lands" as massive farms to the kidnapping of people to work those stolen lands, it was all about the money.

Here we are hundreds of years later challenged by yet another system fueled by greed and the destruction of communities.

One small step I take is to discuss with my son and other older youth how getting in trouble with the "law" is easier than one would think. Things that were at one time chalked up to boys will be boys, kids will be kids, impetuous youth, school yard fights, and teen mischief are now landing young adults in the middle of the the legal system working hard to stay out of jail.

Teaching our youth and ourselves to respond to the injustices we face with a mind inspired to rectify rather than seek revenge is key to our present recovery and vital for a future supported by systems/institutions that encourage positive communities.

Our beloved Martin Luther King reminds us:
"Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal."

Anonymous said...

If you want to understand the causes that existed in the past, look at the results as they are manifested in the present. And if you want to understand what results will be manifested in the future, look at the causes that exist in the present.

Slavery made legal through coruption within our legal system and incarceration the innocent, unjust convictions, inequity in the application of the law, all to continue the profit making corporation (slave masters) who continue to reap financially and systematically.

Derrick Alexander Pope said...

Here is what I think about this "pastor disaster". I am reminded of words written by James Baldwin in his final book, The Evidence of Things Not Seen. "It is absolutely impossible for Authority to scent danger as swiftly as does the menaced human being. Authority can scent danger only to itself." To that end, it is only because Sen. Barak Obama is in a hair's breath of snatching power, that the national media is enraptured by a perceived invitation to candid racial dialogue. It is because Mr. Obama, with 29 primary contest victories and 1,622.5 delegates, is leading Mrs. Clinton, who has 13 primary contest victories, with 1,472.5 delegates, that we are witnessing authority recognize and sense potential danger to itself. If Mr. Obama were trailing Mrs. Clinton, we would not have heard of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's sermons and we perhaps would not have heard Mr. Obama's statement in response to it.

More importantly, I think it is somewhat misleading and intellectually disengenuous to characterize Mr. Obama's statements as one on race. I think his statement was the most exquisite expression of racial statesmanship I have ever heard from a public figure. However, if this was a statement purely about race, it seems to me that the Senator would have been justified in making it after and in response to Geraldine Ferraro's comments, which were a direct assault on race. Yet, no such major address came forth. What Sen. Obama really did was make a political statement in response to a political statement from the black church. And, for me, that is what is really being clandestinely debated here, the capacity of the the black church to alter the balance of power. Regrettably, too many of us, who have been direct and intended beneficiaries of the societal transformation created by the church do not or can not see it.

A conversation on race is the most futile and diverting of civic opiates imagined. Race is a social weapon constructed for use in political warfare to secure and maintain the privilege of power, usually of an economic imperative. I think we ought to be able to see that talking about race, as though it were the thing that needed to be solved, is very much like having a conversation with a hurled grenade, a launched rocket, or a brandished machine gun. It is, then, imperative, that the black church be seen, preserved, and defended by those it serves the most in its historical light, as the container that can best craft and wield a social weapon capable of deconstructing what it is that truly plagues this nation.

Ronald said...

Chidi the answer for you lies in the truth. You are not the one being persecutedand prosecuted. Your all capitalized fictional name is being persecuted and prosecuted not the human being you.

Ronald said...

Ask the lawyers or the judge the three magic questions: 1. What is YOUR name? 2. Do YOU have a claim against ME? 3. Do you know ANYONE who does have a claim against ME?

Those attorneys fees for your ring are being pushed by people who actually have no claim over you. They are lying to you. If in court and you do not receive an answer to these questions after asking them three times, then they are in default on the position. Remember, the judge will tell you his title name when you ask it. That is not his name. Say "Your offer for communication is accepted for value and your dishonor returned, I aske you for your name, not your title." These claims against you are not against you the human being, they are against hte all capitalized fictional entity that is created out your name when you are born after your parents turn your birth name over to the social security system. Yes, you are right, the judicial system is a farce anda lie.