Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Disposable Microwave Generation

"Oooh to the the left"

"Everything u had is in the box to the left"

"Ooh you're replaceable!"

Those words are R&B singer Beyonce's in her song "Replaceable" became the new national anthem for women in America. It's more than a catchy tune. It has summed up the pulse of our generation as a "throw away" society. No longer is the fruits of a lasting sustainable relationship or marriage appealing to this "disposable microwave generation" rather REPLACING what we have for another is the widely accepted trend now. We have become a society that gauges a successful fulfilling life by how many notches we can put on our belt thru as many different relationships we can experience. Gone are the days of sticking through the bad times with our partners with the certainty of a better day coming.

Let me ask all of you something..... Why is it that when our relationships change from being thriving and blissful to confrontational and painful that we do not believe that the relationship can be thriving and blissful again??? Too often we all put a permanent stamp of "BAD" on the relationship as if the EXTREME GOOD that the relationship used to be was simply a dream or a figment of our imagination. But this BAD relationship that we are now faced with is the "REAL" picture of this relationship. This thought process is reflective of our disposable microwave generation that we live in today. Or as Beyonce's song says "You are replaceable". I am here to tell you that there will be a lot of lonely women in about ten years. These same women are the women who thought they would simply REPLACE their men and jump to the next one. Guess what? Eventually all that replacing will come to end when these women get older and the task of simply replacing their men becomes difficult as the prospects start to diminish due to these women's fading beauty as they get older and older.

Our society wants it NOW and at first sign of difficulty our society THROWS it away. You know all these things happen for a reason. Don't just throw it all away when the seasons change. All things that are worth getting are hard to get. And the old adage that good things come to those who wait is TRUE! This culture of simply replacing our partners is truly a type of insanity. How many times will we continue to repeat the same behavior over and over with the same bad results??? One definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over even though the results continue to end up bad. That is what we have become..... an "insane" nation when it comes to our relationships because we keep repeating the same behavior of simply replacing our partners instead of working thru our problems to get that bliss back again. Its insane because we replace our relationships with another relationship which only ends up eventually being bad again with either a new set of problems or the same set of problems that we thought we were getting away from in the first place!!! But time is the great equalizer. Time will find this generation, that believes in replacing our wives, husbands and partners as the answer when our relationships go thru difficult times, sorely alone and depressed as age catches up to them. Hang in there and work your problems out. That same relationship that used to make you say "Wow!" that now makes you say "Ow!" can turn again to "Wow!". Put God first and apply the teachings of Christ Jesus to your relationships and you all can work thru your relationship problems.

"Bag lady all them bags they gonna weigh you down one day"
-Erika Badu

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