Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter in a Box

Ah Easter! A time to dress up in our Sunday bests, gather the family together to attend Easter service at church, have family get togethers, Easter brunch, Easter dinner. Its Easter a chance to celebrate and party it up. Easter baskets and Easter decorations. We sure know how to do it up and put on a good show. As I sat in church today and looked at the packed house I couldn't help wondering where are all these people every other Sunday in the year??? I almost reluctantly go to church on holidays now because it is filled with people who are using church as a time to play dress up as a sort of festive gathering rather than true sincere interest in partaking in the scripture and worship. I don't know it just leaves a distaste in my mouth now. I mean I used to be those people myself. I was just like them. Oh I went to church usually only on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now as I am deep in my walk with the Lord Jesus I usually go to church two times a week sometimes three times. I study the word most everyday and deep in prayer every day. I am not condemning these party goers and festive seekers who come to church on holidays. I do wish that these people would be in the word sincerely and intensely instead of as a way to partake in a festive holiday and truly go because of their salvation. Anything less than that is not genuine.

Easter is here. Get on your knees and thank God for delivering His only Son for your salvation. Glory.

Happy Easter to all you Believers out there.

"He is Risen!"


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Dr. Duru said...

Pastors should use these "festivities" as a special time to talk directly to those folks who are essentially just visiting. Be thankful they show up at all and work on convincing them to come back the next week.