Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hillary Clinton shame on you! Remember when Hillary was on TV chastising Senator Obama challenging him to a debate due to him calling her out on her NAFTA advocacy and voting for NAFTA? Hillary shouted at Barack saying "Shame on you Mr. Obama!" Senator Obama called out Hillary questioning why she was so enraged about him calling her out on her NAFTA position. Plain as day, the truth is Hillary voted YES for NAFTA. It is on the record and documented by video. But for some odd reason Hillary was enraged that the truth was told about that issue. Seems Hillary gets enraged when the truth about her is told. NO WONDER HILLARY FLAT OUT LIED ABOUT COMING UNDER SNIPER FIRE IN BOSNIA IN 1996. Oh but now Hillary says she misspoke about her Bosnia experience. Hillary....you misspoke??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? "No, Shame on you Mrs. Clinton!!!"I don't know about ya'll but if I was under sniper fire and dodging sniper fire once in my life I would for sure remember it correctly!!! There is no other episode that happened in her life, while serving as first lady, that Hillary is offering the public as the sniper fire incidence that she is confusing with this incidence in Bosnia. So HILLARY you are LYING. And this is who we want sitting in the oval office at 3am to answer the call of a national crisis??? For God's sake with this type of misspeaking, Hillary may accidentally press the red button and afterwards say she "mis-pressed"! Obama for President!!! Aren't we all tired of these same ol' politicians with all their lies and hypocrisies running our country???

"God save America...God save us all"



fred said...

Hello Chidi I hope all is well with you and your family!?
I have to say I agree with you.Hillary has stuck her foot in her political mouth this time.
May GOD continue to bless you!

In my head and around me said...

Hey! Came by to read your blog but since I am resolute about not spending anytime reading about America (I am protesting, LOL!), there doesn't appear to be much to read.

I will say this much though...your "About Me" is very interesting.

odega said...

it gives me joy to see that there are people like you chidi putting things in objective perspective. bill clinton lied in office. americans forgave him for being human. now hilary is caught lying even before she gets to the white house?!coupled with her quite choosy moments of rage...come on americans...vote the better man. i live in lagos,nigeria but like evrybody else we watch american politics very closely.better or worse, it better be better! america remains our model for electoral credibility and viable democracy. come on folks, do the right thing!!!

Chidi Ahanotu said...
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Chidi Ahanotu said...

Good to hear from you cuz....what size is Hillary's foot? She will need major help to get that foot out of her mouth this time.
God Bless

Chidi Ahanotu said...

I think that the people know the truth about Hillary now. No worries. The better man will be voted in. No pun intended on the word "man". A lie is a lie is a lie.