Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New York's Governor's Ball

I just had to get this out. This will be short but sweet... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? 1st Gov. Elliot Spitzer's sex scandal force him to step down and now the new acting Governor David Patterson who replaces former Gov Elliot Spitzer ALSO has now admitted to sex scandal in his past! ....All I can do is shake my head. GAWD!

"Truth always comes to light"


Dr. Duru said...

Not sure which scandal you are referring to, but Gov. Patterson AND his wife came out together to reveal they both had extra-marital affairs when their marriage was careening into divorce. Apparently, they were able to repair things after that. The thing that got me is that they claimed that they have the kind of marriage most Americans have and that politicians are simply reflections of the people they serve. Yikes. Hopefully, we can get back to politicians who LEAD the people they serve...

Chidi Ahanotu said...

@Right on brother dr. Duru! Like you said....Hopefully, we can get back to politicians who LEAD the people they serve instead of behaving as low and just like the people they serve. Where is the higher calling??? Where is the call to duty to protect and serve the people??? I am sick of thses so called members of justice departments not carrying their own behavior accountable to justice.