Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama Bashing

Okay here we go. The political US Presidential race has become a Presidential race about race. Geraldine Ferraro, Senator Hillary Clinton's economic advisor, has called Senator Obama out and said publicly that Senator Obama is LUCKY he is black because if he were a white man he would not have had the success he has in this Presidential race. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!??? Geraldine Ferraro is a white woman who herself ran for president years ago. As a woman Geraldine is a minority in this country and as a Presidential candidate she was experienced the challenges of overcoming her minority position as a woman to bid for the President of the USA. It is a shame when one suppressed minority group uses racial overtones to suppress another minority group. In the entire history for this country the only Presidents have been white males. For Geraldine Ferraro to say that somehow Senator Obama is "LUCKY" to be a black man running for president in a country where there have only been white males elected as President is absolutely DUMB. IDIOTIC. ABSURD. I can go on and on name calling Geraldine Ferraro. I mean we may as well say that Senator Hillary Clinton is "LUCKY" she is a woman because if she were a man she would never have had the success she has had in this Presidential race. Now how does that sound Geraldine???? It sounds about as idiotic as your statement about Senator Obama being lucky he is a black man!!! I am saddened that one of the parties that are on the verge of changing the entire history of American politics by opening so many doors for minorities in politics are attacking the other's race and gender. Hillary Clinton, you and your party are out of line and just because you are losing to a black man doesn't mean that you need to sabotage the entire democratic party's Presidential bid. It is a sad day.

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Dr. Duru said...

I think Obama has officially "come to terms" with Ferraro's gaffe. But, yeah, if only all of America could be so lucky. Then, Obama wouldn't be so special at all. :)
But it is hard to imagine that this race could not be about race at some point. After all, we just had the third (?) Black governor since Reconstruction installed in New York. Obama is something like the 5th Black Senator since Reconstruction. Obama just being a serious Presidential contender is a game-changing event. Speaking of which, I wonder why being black didn't help Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton become serious contenders when they each ran for Prez? Hmmm....
(Just a quick correction: there are actually more women than men, Black or White. Although there is a 50/50 chance of being born a woman, women live longer on average than men...)