Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama's Pastor Problem

As I said in my last blog....Here we go! Gone are the nice rosy feel good aura that surrounded Barack Obama's campaign for President. Sooner or later, as we all feared, the race issue was going to rear its ugly head. Underneath all the layers, that we as the American people have stacked on top of our view of the state of race relations in America, there lays the painful truth of racism and those who have suffered from its oppression. Who do these people think they are!? People like Geraldine Ferraro and Reverend Jeremiah Wright turn the most monumental moment in USA politics into their own self serving platform to vent all the racist frustrations that have boiled up inside of them after all their years. A monumental Presidential campaign where a black man or a woman will be nominated for President of the United States of America has been turned into a channel for older senior citizens like Geraldine Ferraro and Rev. Jeremiah Wright to use this country's proud moment into their own platform to spread hate and racism. Are you kidding me??? The very notion that these elders of our country would believe that their racist rantings would serve their respective candidates in a positive way is horrendous. I mean what were they thinking? The answer is that they weren't thinking. Or better yet they were thinking of only themselves and in fact ended up causing severe damage to each of their respective candidates. Sad to say but this country will be a lot better off when the older generations pass away since the older generations are forever stained from the painful racist history of this country. The new generations are not so embedded, molded, and shaped by this country's racist history because these younger generations were not alive during these times. These are the generations, that regardless of their own skin color, were inspired by Senator Obama's message and desperstely want to be a part of changing our country's racist, biased, sexist history by voting for a black man or woman for President. Hopefully the damage has not suffocated their hope and inspiration.
I'm sorry but if I were Senator Obama I would have vehemently outright DISOWNED Rev. Jeremiah Wright for his hate mongering sermon. People don't go to church to hear such divisive messages of hate from their pastors. On the contrary, people go to church to hear messages that are in line with God's will and God's word. Sadly, Rev. Jeremiah Wright got to full of HIMSELF and failed to get full of the spirit of the LORD as he is supposed to do. Senator Obama's speech today, that calmed the storm of his biggest controversy in his bid for President of America, did not do enough to set him back into society's good graces. Although he strongly criticized and condemned his Rev. Jeremiah Wright he should've flat out disowned his pastors wild rantings and radical ravings that only reflect the Reverend's own painful American experience. "He is like family to me" will be the phrase that may snuff out Senator Obama's Presidential bid. Hello Obama!!! You are running for PRESIDENT! Sometimes you have to cut people off from your past hat have "been like family" to you especially when they selfishly and wrongly represent you in a horribly damaging light the way Rev Jeremiah Wright's sermon did.

"God Bless America? No! God Damn America"
-Rev Jeremiah Wright

That comment by the "good' reverend showed NO LOVE or CONSIDERATION for his beloved Obama. BY GOD REVEREND!!!! Senator Obama is running for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Comments like God Damn America is NOT going to help him win the election. Rev. Wright should hold a press conference and pulicly apolgize for his inciderary comments in his sermon. Obama forgive your pastor like the good book teahces us to do...but disown hm like a President should.



April said...

Well Chidi my friend I must disagree to a certain degree. As I've shared Dr Jeremiah Wright is a noted activist in this country, well-respected, brilliant pastor. I've heard this man preach, he is typically right on it biblically. And might I add a biblical scholar who teaches at Harvard.
Have you listened to the entire sermon? I haven't and am curious to hear the full context of the message. I was not surprised at all by the comments, I've been waiting to hear something from Dr Wright. He always talks about being 'unashamedly black' so I knew it was a matter of time. I do agree he could have held onto the 'white' thing he exercised poor judgement. Chidi you and I know, just like we discussed Saturday that actions have consequences. America has not been a saint, we've waged war and committed horrible atrocities like most countries that enter into war even biblically.
Having said all of that I am proud to see that though everyone's been tip toeing around the race issue, the ugly beast reared its head! Romans 8:28, now we can get somewhere. Now both you and I have a different view of a white and black America than older Americans. That's because people like Jeremiah Wright and Dr MLK fought to change that. My father, your parents have endured much racial discrimination. As a result our paths were different, I attended majority white schools, actually there were 3 blacks in one of my middle schools and all of those blacks lived in my house...lol I will not belittle the experiences of those that struggled before us either, they are real and obviously have left many scars. Its time to really address these things as opposed to ignoring the pink elephant dancing in a tutu in the middle of the room as we have for 40+ years.
So now we can get to the root. Confront this demon and heal the land! Racism exists but it does not plague all of us the same. So now that we all have a mandate because these issues are real, WE must galvanize people to teach the truth and have open discussion.
Do I think Obama is ruined, NO! He's not if this is what he was called to do then I'm certain the Lord will say well done my good and faithful servant when he (Obama) gets to glory. Having said that I can't say Ferraro or Wright are racist. I don't believe they are.
WHY should he disown his pastor! That is ludacris and obsurd. Hell I don't believe anything Bush says but I can't say he's not my president. Oh I forgot, I didn't choose him as president in Florida (that's another story). The point I'm making is just because we disagree doesn't mean we distance ourselves. Trust me if he disowns, as you've suggested, would piss off many of Obama's supporters. Especially blacks, because they are accustomed to hearing stuff like this in the black church. Pastors were the voice for years for an oppressed people and that has not changed even in 2008. So that's my contribution to this issue, I'm certain the dialogue won't end here.
OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT! YES WE CAN! I'm proud to support a man that stands and doesn't budge when the freaking wind blows, just imagine how the republicans will spin that if he backed down and succumb to pressure! He's running for President, think about Peter disowning Jesus! No one can negate that this man Obama knows Jesus more because God placed him under Wright's tutelage. Ridiculous! Okay I'm really done...lol

Dr. Duru said...

Just to make sure we have the timeframes straight - Dr. Wright was spewing fire and brimstone well before Obama became a presidential candidate. I also thought that Obama should have strongly denounced the guy, but after listening to his speech (twice) I was much more sympathetic. (See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWe7wTVbLUU). The one thing missing from this speech is strong evidence that Obama actually tried to dissuade Dr. Wright from his most "objectionable" views. Regardless, I agree that it's time to make it abundantly clear that radicalism is just as damaging on the left as it is on the right. Different shades of the same non-constructive ranting and raving. It's not OK just because it allows people to vent about legitimate wrongs. Speaking of ranting and raving, check out Pat Buchanan's nutty response to Obama's speech, direct from his blog: http://buchanan.org/blog/?p=969.
The most dangerous components of radicals? They contain just enough elements of truth or twists of the facts to make them seem believable, even actionable, to the willing ear.