Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Place of Peace

I'm back! Been away for a while enjoying my new found PEACE. Finally got to a place in life where I had no drama and blessings are pouring in. So i let it settle in to my bones and I have been just enjoying not having to think or worry or deal with crisis. PEACE! Peace is an awesome thing. You notice things that you failed to notice before when you have peace in your life. Likewise you fail to notice things when you going thru crisis. Its the little things that you start to notice again when you get to that Place of Peace. You notice things like sunsets and sunrises. You notice things like wind blowing and full moons. You notice things like how good breakfast is....especial cereals that you had when you were a kid...Capn Crunch, fruit loops, Trix, frosted flakes. ( I think I ate whole boxes at once! Lol!) Yep, peace is a beautiful thing. Its funny how when you reach that place of peace you don't have much to say. Oh when things are bad we sure got tons to say and we want the world to know it!!! But when things are good and blessings are abound we get quiet. Well I noticed that dynamic when I was a kid in my parents behavior and other kids parents behavior. When kids are doing bad parents are up in arms and yelling from the rafters. But when the kids do good, like bring home good grades, make the honor roll, or win at sports, or even help out around the house and be nice to their siblings, there is barely a whisper heard from the parents as compared to when kids do bad. Sure they give congrats and hugs but not to the same intensity as when they were yelling bout the bad that was done. Let's all scream of joy from the rooftops when good happens with the same energy as we do when bad happens. For example, my sons are doing great in school. My oldest just made all A's and made the Principle's List!!!!!!!! I am blessed!....just wanted to yell at ya'll and let you know it. Next time good happens in your life...scream it out and let the world know it. Don't act like it is expected.... It's not. It is a reason to shout! In the meantime I am enjoying this Place of Peace and smoking plenty of cigars in my rocking chair. ..PEACE!

"Sometimes I sit to think...and sometimes I just sit to sit"
-Ardelle Cooper, my late grandmother (God rest her soul)

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linda ikeji said...

I'm glad you've found peace Chidi. You deserve it.