Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama is a cool black cat

So Hillary calls Barack Obama an elitist and Obama came out swinging. Obama started ragging on Hillary. Barack showed his African American cultural roots when he laid into Hillary about her critcism and defense of rural Pennsylvnia residents clinging to guns and bible out of fustration of the economic struggles and their bitterness about the economy. Barack reminded me of my African American homeboys back in California that "bagged" on each other on a daily basis. "Bagging" is a word game that is part jokes and part serious verbal onslaught all to demean, belittle and to make your point in what you are saying about your adversary. In the olden days they used to call it "the dozens" then when I was a kid we call it "cappin'" then when I was in college I knew it as "baggin'".

Obama said "Hillary runnin round as if she Annie Oakley." "As if she saddlin' up and going duck huntin every summer." Hillary actin' like she packin' a six shooter on her side every day" I see you Barack! Okay! I didn't know you had it in you. Obama started "baggin'" on Hillary and when he started getting warmed up you really started to see the real cool black cat come out that is inside of Obama. He started struttin' round the stage...flexing his arm and hand movements...he was right on point in his delivery and timing. Obama made me feel like I was hangin' with my homeboys from California instead of watching a Presidential campaign speech. See that's the kind Prez I want. I loved it. I think He should let this side out more when he is under attack from the "MAN"...or "wo-MAN". Obama certainly showed he aint no elitist like Hillary charged him with. Let me see you get loose like Obama did Hillary. Bet you can't.

"Beware when you push a cat into a corner... you might get scratched"