Thursday, July 16, 2009

Women Rule America

Women are King! Forget about queens because that would somehow summon thoughts of a lady ruler who was under and below the king. No. Women are King and rule America. Could somebody please tell me what the heck we all have been watching go down in the Judge Sotomayor confirmation hearings??? Are you kidding me? The woman says that a Latino woman on the bench would make better decisions and rulings than a White man on the bench but she is still going to become the 1st woman Latino Supreme Court Justice! Come on man! If a Black man or White man was to say that they would make better decisions and rulings than a White Woman on the bench then all hell would break loose and there'd be absolutely NO WAY that man would be confirmed into the Supreme Court let alone nominated to be on the Supreme Court in the 1st place.....Women truly rule America.

I am all for diversity. I am all for diversity on the Supreme Court. I am all for women holding high positions and it is far time that a woman be named Supreme Court Justice. But this woman??!! Look I am sure Judge Sotomayor is a fine person and a fine Judge. But after watching these confirmation hearings for the past few days I saw enough ducking and dodging and hemming and hawing and side stepping and in other words bull come out of Judge Sotomayor in response to questions confronting her on her comment about bias and racial preference in her rulings as a Latino female Judge compared to a White male Judge. I mean come on! Frankly I have to side with the Republicans on this one. But the Republicans all too often kept letting Judge Sotomayor off the hook with her lengthy, non responsive, abstract answers. Women are King and rule America. And now this woman truly dose rule America from her perch on the Supreme Court....God Bless America.


I Am Back!....The Power of Zero

Hello all, I am back. Its been a year and a half since my last posting in my blog. I took some time away to simply zone out and stare off into space and think of nothing. Some call it zeroing out. The power of zero is amazing. When you relase yourself and think of absolutely nothing it opens you up to receive so much and so many blessings. Include it in your life. Make it a daily practice. Try it! I am a firm believer that we should work hard BUT we should more importantly work hard on relaxing. Zero out! Zero out with a cigar, or some nice cocktails, a little ganja perhaps (go to parts of the world where it is legal)...hey its natural! God made it so it is good. Meditation is always good too.

Love is the Answer. Forgive others....We are all only human. Including you.